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Our transformative journey

We aim to build a community focused on improving women’s health and wellness from the inside out. We are here to support you in the process of creating a positive lifestyle shift with the help of clean, plant-based supplements.

No Pain And Anxiety

Let go of your pain and anxiety

Pain and anxiety shouldn’t be part of your daily routine. Feeling good shouldn’t be a privilege but a right. Our holistic approach is powered by nature and designed to improve your overall health and state of mind.

Balance Within

Achieve a balance within

We believe in the power of achieving a balance between a healthy body and a positive mind. Instead of instantly turning to medication at the first sign of pain, we look at improving ourselves as a whole, starting from within.

A real transformation begins from within.

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It is complete when you connect with the world.

Sense Of Belonging

Find your sense of belonging

Our women-focused community is meant to evolve into a safe-space that empowers women to connect and share tips to lead a happier and more relaxed lifestyle. If you choose Berenica, you will never feel alone in this world again.

Friendly To Nature

Friendly to nature. Kind to you.

We strive to keep our carbon footprint low and our client satisfaction high. Our products are not only manufactured with your wellbeing in mind but Mother Earth’s as well. We are ethically-sourced, cruelty-free, and pure from within.

We lift your spirit, without getting you high.

You deserve to feel your best every single day, and a subtle pick-me-up surely improves your daily grind. We are here to help you experience the uplifting effects of CBD without the downsides of getting high.

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