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  • on my second bottle, lovin it sooo muchh💕 it’s the only product in my skin care apart from water and my skin looks amazing.. feeling like the cleanest girl ever ☁️

    una dejanovic

  • I am in love with Berenica's rose water. The formula is so light and refreshing (it doesn't leave any residue on your skin). I use it early morning after cleansing or when running around the city to moisturise on the go. Definitely a staple! Can't wait to see more from this brand

    Kristina Yon

  • I absolutely adore incorporating Berenika Rose Water into my skincare routine. It is so refreshing and calming, and it leaves my skin soft and smooth. I make it a point to use it both in the mornings and evenings after cleansing my face before applying my moisturiser. The transformation it has brought to my skin is truly remarkable – it feels noticeably smoother and more delicate. This product truly works wonders for me so I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking a way to pamper their skin.

    Stefani Kostova

  • The rose water hydrates, refreshes and tones my skin, and is great for summer when you want to refresh yourself in the summer heat. And the best thing is that it is a completely natural product.

    Cvetelina Cekova

  • From the very first use, the rose water worked very well for me. I have quite sensitive skin on my face and I don't trust different cosmetic brands easily, but Berenica definitely won me over.
    I use rose water mostly to cleanse my skin, but it's also a huge savior to soothe when my makeup irritates my eyes.

    Ralitsa Veselinova

  • I’ve been using Berenika’s rose water for a 2 weeks from now and my skin is shining! The redness and the pimples are gone and my skin it way more softer&glowing! Truly recommend!

    Donatela Voivodova

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  • Inspired by the Rosa Damascena, we create products that reflect the rich traditions of the Rose Valley. Manufacturing in small batches, we ensure each item is crafted with care and attention, preserving the essence of our heritage.

    Our mission is to share the benefits of local products and the traditions that accompany them so we invite you to experience the beauty, tradition, and warmth of the Rose Valley through our products, where family and entrepreneurship harmoniously coexist.

    Discover Berenica's premium rose water, meticulously crafted from the finest Bulgarian roses, and explore the
    magic of a brand deeply rooted in tradition and heritage.

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