Our Story

Berenica founder

Founder Story

Our founder, Veronica, draws inspiration from her family's background rooted in the legacy of rose fields. Growing up surrounded by the beauty of these fields, she developed a deep appreciation for the Rosa Damascena flower and the rich traditions surrounding it.

Veronica's family legacy not only influenced her childhood but also inspired the creation of Berenica. The idea of capturing the essence of roses and sharing it with the world stemmed from the annual beauty of those fields. This legacy resonated with Veronica's friends, forming a community united by a shared passion for the timeless allure of roses.

In Berenica's vision, Veronica aims to transcend traditional business boundaries by cultivating a movement focused on delivering value. The spark ignited by her family's legacy transforms into a guiding light for Berenica, rooted in the essence of roses and entrepreneurship.
Berenica seeks to symbolize beauty and holistic well-being, emphasizing natural products and resources. Its mission is clear — to build a community empowering women to embrace their unique beauty and craft enduring legacies. Berenica aspires to be more than just a brand, envisioning a shared journey toward empowerment, self-discovery, and the pursuit of inner and outer beauty, purity of mind, and soul.

Berenica team

Our Team

As young girls growing up amidst the lush fields of roses, Veronica, Silviya, and Mihaela were deeply immersed in the centuries-old practices that made the Rose region famous worldwide. We couldn't help but be captivated by the delicate beauty and incredible benefits of the Rosa Damascena.

With our roots firmly grounded in the Rose Valley's traditions and entrepreneurial spirit, we decided to unite our forces. We were driven by a shared desire to share our knowledge and experience regarding the incredible benefits of Rosa Damscena products with as many people as possible.

And so, Berenica was born - a brand infused with the essence of the Rose Valley, passionately committed to bringing the gifts of Rosa Damascena to the world. Our rose water is not just a product;
it's a tribute to our heritage and a celebration of the bonds we've formed on this incredible journey.